Universal High School

Nursery - 10th Class | Recognised by Govt. of AP


It is now a well-established fact that the competence of a preschool curriculum has a significant impact during the child’s early developing years...



Primary School is the place where a student starts learning real life applications which should be taught with immense concentration on every child...



Our High School Department aims to promote and strengthen the students educational training by our objectives. To provide them with broad knowledge...


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As a parent, one of the many important decisions that you need to make revolves around your child’s education. Providing the right start at the right time and under the right guidance will help to develop the child’s personality and will be the key to success in his/her career path.

Universal High School is one such pioneer in the field of education – that brings in a fresh and unique approach to schooling with the belief that education today, must serve the interests of the individual, nation and mankind. High academic standards are symbolic of our ideology and commitment to academic excellence.

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1600 Students

100 Teachers

90 Other Employees

Our Facilities


A library is a treasure-house of knowledge. Our well-stocked library is an asset to our school. Our library includes all the necessary...

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Computer Lab

This is the time of modernisation where children are suppose to use latest technologies to access the internet...

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Universal High School provides a natural and secure abode to blossoming children, providing a homely care to each individual.

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Semi Residential

An innovative and most benefited feature to children and their parents is our Semi-Residential Facility which is a unique feature with us.

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Sports and games are very important for students. They keep them healthy and fit. They offer a change from the monotony of daily life...

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Keeping in mind your child safety, we provide our own transportation facility to our students. We have tremendous experience in school...

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Mineral Water & Others

We maintain our own hygenic and highly sophisticated mineral water plant in order to provide harm free microbial...

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Medical Services

A Good Health provides educational support for students whose Health prevents them from successful participating in their enrolled school programs...

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Fire Security

Our School have unique requirements for fire, security and communications systems and protecting safety of students & faculty...

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  • New Year 2017

    Celebrate a fresh year with a special outfit, spotless sneakers, or a whole new haircut...


  • Makarasankranthi

    Our School children making kites and enjoying sweets to celebrate Makar Sankranti...


  • Republic Day

    The 68th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at Indira National School on 26th January 2017 ...

    26-January-2018 (69th Republic day)

  • Independence Day

    Our School celebrates the Independence day by first hoisting the flag within their premises...

    15-August-2018 (72nd Indepedence day)

  • Teacher's Day

    Teachers’ Day celebrations, organised in schools on every year. Students presented several cultural programmes in respect of their teachers....


  • Children's Day

    On the occasion of Children's Day, we celebrated the day with a range of cultural and fun filled activities...




Yoga is not a religion; it is a way of living whose aim is ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’.

  • Attainment of perfect equilibrium and harmony.
  • Removes negative blocks from the mind and toxins from the body.

  • Achieved 10 GPA in S.S.C., 2018

    In our School 43 Members secured 10 GPA, 32 Members secured 9.8 GPA, 21 Members secured 9.7 GPA, 15 Members secured 9.5 GPA, 11 Members secured 9.3 GPA, 20 Members secured 9.2 GPA, 12 Members secured 9.0 GPA with the pass percentage of 100%. Once again we are proud to announce that our students topped in state level in S.C.C 2018 Results.

  • Achieved 10 GPA in S.S.C., 2017

    In our School 36 Members secured 10 GPA , 18 Members secured 9.8 GPA, 15 Members secured 9.7 GPA,10 Members secured 9.5 GPA,07 Members secured 9.3 GPA,14 Members secured 9.2 GPA,08 Members secured 9.0 GPA with the pass percentage of 99.45%. Once again we are proud to announce that our students topped in state level in S.C.C 2017 Results.

  • Achieved 10 GPA in S.S.C., 2016

    In our School 7 Members secured 10 GPA , 9 Members secured 9.8 GPA, 18 Members secured 9.7 GPA,15 Members secured 9.5 GPA,10 Members secured 9.3 GPA,13 Members secured 9.2 GPA,10 Members secured 9.0 GPA with the pass percentage of 99.50%. Once again we are proud to announce that our students topped in state level in S.C.C 2016 Results.

  • Achieved 10 GPA in S.S.C., 2015

    In our School 2 Members secured 10 GPA , 6 Members secured 9.8 GPA, 11 Members secured 9.7 GPA, 03 Members secured 9.5 GPA,6 Members secured 9.3 GPA,07 Members secured 9.2 GPA,6 Members secured 9.0 GPA with the pass percentage of 99.30%. Once again we are proud to announce that our students topped in state level in S.C.C 2015 Results.

  • Achieved 9.8 GPA in S.S.C., 2014

    In our School 4 Members secured 9.8 GPA and 5 Members secured 9.7 GPA with the pass percentage of 99.05%. Once again we are proud to announce that our students topped in state level in S.C.C 2014 Results.

  • Parents Speak

    Universal High School

    We know that every child of yours is unique and need unique guidance to create his/her own personality with individual...

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