Universal High School

Nursery - 10th Class | Recognised by Govt. of AP

High School

Our High School Department aims to promote and strengthen the students educational training by:

Our Objectives:

  • To provide them with broad knowledge and meaningful wholesome experience to become creative, critical and strategic thinker.

  • To develop their potentials, abilities, personalities and habits towards holistic formation of an individual.

  • To integrate in them moral, spiritual, and socio-cultural values to work for the attainment of peace and development.

  • To enhance understanding and respect for own and other people's cultures and their place in contemporary society.

  • To enhance understanding and appreciation of interrelationships among nations.

  • To promote positive environmental and health practices and also to enhance enjoyment in learning.

  • To build a firm foundation for further education and training and to build a foundation for technological and industrial development.

  • To develop ability for enquiry, critical thinking and rational judgment.

  • To develop into a responsible and socially well adjusted person and to develop into a self-disciplined individual who appreciates work and manages time properly.

  • Universal High School

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