Universal High School

Nursery - 10th Class | Recognised by Govt. of AP


Universal High School provides a natural and secure abode to blossoming children, providing a homely care to each individual. The hostels are located in the Residential Campus of the school. The Complex has well-maintained lush green gardens and is surrounded by concrete walls. Round-the-clock security ensures a safe haven for the students.

Supervised study arranged for evening and morning sessions brings the students to the stream of regular learning. Ample opportunities are at the disposal of the students to make use of the extensive collection of books, periodicals and CDs available in the library. From the day of admission to the hostel inmates will be under the care and love of the concerned Warden.

Utilities provided by the school (Hostel Students)

One Mattress, Pillow with a pillow cover, Two Bed sheets, One Bucket, One Mug, One Plate, One Glass.

Utilities hostel students are supposed to bring??

Any personal needs like soaps, brushes, night dresses, etc.

Hostel Facilities

We knew the fact that a child’s physical growth effects his/her mental growth for this reason we are committed to provide the best quality food for your children overall growth. Some of the facilities provides in our Hostel are:

  • Snacks with Milk every day morning @ 6:00 A.m.
  • Egg is served twice a week
  • Chicken is provided twice a week.

Universal High School's Hostel

Universal High School

We know that every child of yours is unique and need unique guidance to create his/her own personality with individual...

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